Sports massage

This type of massage in terms of techniques is similar to classic Thai massage but is definitely stronger. Even though it is stronger, it is still equally pleasant and relaxing.

Masaż tajski pleców Yaowares Zakopane
Sports Thai massage of back in Yaowares in Zakopane.

Thai sports massage is also known as a dynamic version of a massage with essential oils massage that removes tiredness. It is a more intense version of this oriental technique, which is caused by the need to warm up the muscles.

The purpose of the massage in the sports version is to warm up the muscles and joints before exercise and regenerate them right after training.

This massage is a form of wellness-based rejuvenation therapy preparing the joint and muscle system for effort and eliminating tiredness resulting from intense physical effort. A sports massage before exercise stimulates our blood circulation, warms up the tissues and calms the nervous tension and prepares our body for maximum performance. Massage directly after physical exercise eliminates muscle pain, relieves stress and soothes swelling. Massage accelerates the absorption of lactic acid by the body, removes metabolic products acidifying the muscles during increased effort. Regular Thai massage reduces the tension of our muscles, improves flexibility and reduces the risk of injury. Massage has medicinal properties in the next stage of sports injury treatment. Thai sports massage boosts the regenerative processes of the body and relaxes the occurring stiffening of the muscles.

Masaż olejkowy Zakopane
Sports Thai massage with use of natural oils.

For the massage we use aromatic oils with regenerating and relaxing properties. This technique is known for its relaxing properties.

We use only natural, certified cosmetics such as massage oils, body butters, Ayurvedic oils from Khadi Naturprodukte and the essential oils of the highest quality from Young Living.

All our massage rooms are equipped with professional equipment, a comfortable mattress for Thai massage, on which it will be pleasant to rest after the effort. Each client will be provided with special clothes for the time of the massage. A masseuse from Thailand will relax the body by doing movements using her forearm. This massage uses the technique of “eights” with the optimal adjustment of pressure to the tension of the body. After the massage, you can take a pleasant shower. Sports massage is ideal for people who are active every day. If you have different preferences and you are looking for a less intense form of massage, we recommend traditional Thai massage.

Who is the sports massage recommended for?

Thai sports massage is recommended for people who are doing sports professionally or recreationally. It is ideal for active people who regularly go sports and take care of their body through exercises at the gym or fitness. If you dance, climb, play tennis, squash or football, swim, run, prepare your body for increased physical activity. We also recommend it to people who undertake sports challenges irregularly for instance before going skiing or preparing for the cycling season. Thai sports massage is the solution to your problems with muscles or joints. It is great for people struggling with stress because it is also known for its calming properties, it reduces the nervous tension increasing your performance. We also recommend sports massage for overweight people. We will adjust the massage to the individual needs and requirements of our clients.

What is the best time for a sports massage?

Depending on the sports activity, we recommend a “starter” sports massage, which perfectly prepares the body for physical exercise. Sports massage with regenerative properties is an “inter-exercise” massage, given in the intervals between the physical activity. Its purpose is to maintain high physical activity in a specific time interval. After the “post-exercise” (training) massage, the duration of the regeneration of body period after a long and intense physical activity is shortened. “Complementary” sports massage also known as the conditional massage is meant to support sports training. Full-body sports massage should be given during the entire training-starter cycle, during the waiting period for the competition, during the transition period as well as during the convalescence period.

Thai sports massage is great for both body and soul.

The effect of sports massage on our physical and mental health

This massage allows you to prepare the body for physical activity and sports training. Thanks to it, we can eliminate pain caused by intense exercises and remove soreness. It is given in order to regenerate the body after physical exercise and boosts the metabolism. Thai sports massage allows you to relax tense muscles, stretch out the tendons and eliminate contractures. It removes all accumulated tension from our body and allows us to relax after the exercise. Massage warms up the muscles and reduces the risk of injury by boosting energy level to take on more sporting challenges. It boosts blood and lymph circulation and improves the supply of nutritious products to the muscles.

Thai sports massage removes muscle pain.

Sports massage contraindications

Sports massage should be given only to support physical activity. It is not recommended for people who do not do sports. Thai sports massage is not recommended in case of contagious diseases, high fever above 38 degrees, any skin inflammatory conditions of the skin, cardiovascular diseases, cancers, inflammatory conditions of muscles, joints and tendons, fresh wounds with skin abrasions or damage, rash or acne, infections, fresh adhesions after bones fractures. This also applies to pregnant women.

Sports massage limits the risk of injury.