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  • We will choose the best offer for you


    We have a wide offer of Thai massages for you. They are given by well-trained and certified masseuses from Thailand. We will give you the type of massage with the intensity of your preferences.

  • You will get a special clothes for massage


    We will provide you with a cotton shirt and shorts which does not constrict movements. We will also provide you with disposable underwear for massages that require that.

  • Massage, during which you reborn


    What you will experience is complete relaxation. Tired muscles will relax, the skin will become silky and your soul will be soother and you will restore your inner harmony. We will boost your endorphins.

  • Refreshing and regenerating shower


    After or before immersing the body in the oriental aromas of rare herbs, exotic oils, or cleansing peeling there will be a time for taking a pleasant, warm shower.

  • The ceremony of tea making & drinking


    According to Thai tradition, after a massage, we invite you for a teacup of Matoom tea. This tea is made of Bael fruits which provide minerals and vitamins.

  • Medicinal properties of massage


    Every massage that is chosen according to your ailments and given regularly will positively affect the improvement of your well-being and health.

Thai massage – benefits

We ensure the highest quality of treatments that are characterized by a significant pro-health value.

  • Pleasure

    Boosting the endorphins. It provides you with energy, relaxing you at the same time. You can enjoy it alone or with your loved one.

  • Stress reduction

    Relaxes tense muscles. It is known for its calming properties, eliminates stress, relaxes the body.

  • Supporting physical activity

    Perfect for recreational and professional sportspersons. Thanks to it, you will avoid injuries and increase the efficiency of your body.

  • Improvement of immunity

    Stimulates the blood and lymph circulation, boosts metabolism, cleanses the body and supports our immune system.

  • Skin nourishing and reducing body fat

    It eliminates cellulitis and smoothes the skin. Thanks to our cosmetics, the skin remains virile and well nourished.

  • Medicinal and pro-health properties

    It has an analgesic effect and reduces the inflammation of the body. Helpful when it comes to the treatment of many diseases. Rehabilitates.

References and reviews

Our services are recommended to patients by doctors and acupuncturists from all over the country.

Frequently Asked Questions

Find out more about Thai massage and check the questions that are most often asked by our Clients.

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