Thai massage for elderly people

Thai massage for seniors is focused on problems typical for of elderly people such as elimination of joint pain, rheumatic symptoms, strengthening of muscles and reduction of their stiffness. This treatment strengthens not only the limbs but also the full body.

The purpose of the massage is to bring back the maximal efficiency in terms of the locomotor and circulatory system.

It helps to deal with problems such as painful tension and stiffness of the muscles, weak limbs, damage and distortion of the muscular and skeletal system, tendonitis. Massage for elderly people is a gentler form of classic Thai massage.

How does the Thai massage looks like?

Massage is given on a special mattress. We begin the massage on the feet and we end with the head and body stretching.

Masaż dla seniora Zakopane
Room and mattress for Thai massage in Yaowares in Zakopane.

For the time of the massage, you will be provided with a loose cotton clothes (shirt and shorts), which does not constrain movement. The massage is gentle. An experienced masseuse, with her hands, thumb, elbow or feet, gently presses on the individual parts of the body. She applies different compression and outstretching techniques paying special attention to the motor organs. This massage is safe and does not affect the blood vessels and tissues of massaged people. The strength of the pressure is adjusted to the individual needs of the person who is being massaged.

During Thai massage for seniors, we use herbal ointments, ointments with warming-up properties, warm herbal compresses, soothing lotions which are supporting the natural healing process.

Who is the gentle Thai massage recommended for?

This type of massage is recommended for elderly people over 70 years of age. Thai massage for Seniors is recommended for people suffering from rheumatism, arthritis, trouble with their memory and focus, people with the possibility to suffer from bedsores, people being in convalescence after a long-term illness.

Medicinal properties of massage for seniors

Thai massage helps to boost the blood circulation in the body, eliminate the pain of various origins, for instance, rheumatic pain, it helps to stretch the tendons, reduce muscle tension, improve the quality of sleep and general well-being, eliminate the stiffness of muscles and joints, regenerate the body.

Thai massage not only improves physical fitness but also boosts the endorphins - the so-called happiness hormones.

Ailments in treatment of which the massage can be helpful

Sciatica and brachial neuritis, pain syndromes of cervical spine, thoracic spine and lumbar spine, pain syndromes of shoulders, osteoarthritis of the spine joints, ankylosing spondylitis, joint degeneration, slipped disk, hernia, overload syndromes, conditions after injuries, bone fractures, joint sprains, tearing of ligaments and muscles, heel spurs, hallux valgus, multiple sclerosis, peripheral nerve damage, Parkinson’s disease and Alzheimer’s disease.

Traditional foot cleaning before massage.

Before the massage, we recommend to contact your doctor.