Thai massage of back, shoulders, neck and head

It is a type of traditional Thai massage. It is based on stimulation of vital points – 37 marms. It brings together the elements of passive yoga, acupressure, and Ayurveda.

Massage eliminates chronic, normal and post-traumatic pains. It is helpful when it comes to the tense back, shoulders and neck muscles. Gets rid of pain and inflammatory conditions. Head massage has a beneficial effect on our focusing and helps to eliminate migraine pains. An additional advantage of a head massage is that it boosts blood circulation and thereby strengthens hair bulbs. The massage includes the back, neck, head, and face.

The first effect of the massage is an incredibly pleasant lightness of the body.

The massage eliminates spine, back muscles pains as well as tensions and pressure around the neck and shoulders.

Masaż pleców Zakopane Yaowares
Massage of shoulders and back in Yaowares in Zakopane.

Thai massage is a natural remedy when it comes to insomnia. It calms down, relaxes and revitalizes our body.

For the massage, we use Thai herbal ointment which supports the natural process of curing.

The masseuse with all her body, hands, elbows, fingers, forearms and feet presses spots and outstretches individual parts of the body. The person who is being massaged is on a special mattress. Our clients are provided with a loose clothes for the time of the massage. Thai massage of the back, shoulders, neck, and head is given by masseuses who have graduated from prestigious massage schools in Thailand.

It relaxes our body, eliminates pain and boosts the level of energy.

Who is the massage of back, shoulders, neck, and head recommended for?

Thai massage of the back, shoulders, and head is recommended for people with a less active lifestyle, stressed and suffering from insomnia, working in one position. It is also a great choice for people struggling with back pains and headaches.

Massage of head in Yaowares in Zakopane.

At which ailments the massage is recommended?

Thai back, head, and neck massage is helpful when it comes to high muscle tension, spinal adjustment which makes it easier to have proper body posture, removing joint tension, eliminating inflammatory conditions, removing inflammatory conditions of muscles, eliminating muscle stiffness, relieving the back and head from migraine pain, strengthening hair bulbs – which improves the growth and condition of the hair, the de-stressing of the body, improving focusing and thinking, improving general well-being, destressing the body.

Thai massage of shoulders and back.