Balinese massage with hot stones

Traditional massage from Bali island. This massage brings together the beneficial properties of a massage with essential oils with the relaxation provided by warm basalt stones.

The hot stone massage is a deep and intense massage of the full body. Basalt is a dark, congealed volcanic lava that stores the warmth. Basalt stones are in different sizes so that they are suitable for the massage of specific parts of the body. Before the massage, the stones are heated. They are placed on the previously massaged body parts. Their warmth gives the effect of incredible relaxation.

Balijski masaż kamieniami Zakopane
Balinese hot stone massage in Yaowares in Zakopane.

All muscles are relaxed and we go into the state of internal balance. Massage has a beneficial effect on blood circulation, boosts metabolism, positively affects the immune and nervous system.

Balinese hot stone massage is comparable to a relaxing bath.

This massage improves the working of heart, calms down reducing stress and restoring emotional balance. Has analgesic properties. The massage is given with the use of natural coconut and argan oils.

Masaż gorącymi kamieniami Zakopane
Balinese massage with warm stones.

It is a combination of warm stones with the appropriate techniques of Thai massage, which gives incredible effects when it comes to body and mind filled with stress. Balinese massage eliminates free radicals and rejuvenates the skin.

During the massage, we experience the flow of positive energy through our body.

The advantages of Balinese massage

Balinese massage effectively relieves muscle contractions and improves mobility, treats ailments of joints both in sports injuries and caused by rheumatic diseases. It improves blood circulation and supports the lymphatic system. Relieves headaches as well as asthmatic and allergic ailments. Cleans and supports the work of the immune system. Supports the treatment of nervous tension, depression, and insomnia.

Hot stone massage in Yaowares.

Balinese massage contraindications

In case of circulatory system diseases, pregnancy, menstruation, infection with increased body temperature, contagious skin diseases, cancers, inflammatory conditions of liver and kidneys, bones fracture and adhesions it is best to reschedule the massage to some other time. Massage is not recommended after surgery, chemotherapy or radiotherapy.

Traditional massage from the island of Bali.